Nature - Azienda Agricola Ca' de Noci
Dal 1993 l’agricoltura biologica certificata è l’unico metodo di coltivazione di Cà de noci. La vigna è l’essenza della qualità. Coltiviamo 5 ettari di vigneti
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Natural in the vineyard

Since 1993 certified organic farming is the only cultivation method of Cà de Noci.
Certified means controlled because transparency is the guarantee.

Ecosystem care is the priority that goes beyond certifications and absorbs all our efforts and our studies. Plant nutrients are derived from well-maintained composting on the farm.
Spontaneous grassing in the rows, with cuttings in the peculiar moments of the season keep the vines in balance and favor soil humus.

Disease prevention is natural with low doses of copper and sulfur used as needed, along with seaweed extracts, essential oils and microelements, which stimulate the natural self-defense process of the plant, without interfering in biodiversity.

Maintaining production balance requires very targeted winter pruning, without invasive interventions on the vegetative foliage.

The management of the vines, without irrigation or fertilization, requires careful care of the lawn, to avoid any erosion or compaction and to generate a rich and continuous radical exchange between the vines and herbaceous plants.

The biodiversity in the vineyard, in the woods and in the meadow contributes to the resistance of the territory to climate change, helps to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and is an oxygen lung for our ecosystem.

Natural in the cellar

The harvest is carried out strictly by hand, to preserve the integrity of the bunches and allow an accurate selection of the best grapes.
This collection allows pressing at the coolest hours of the morning, favoring a longer and slower fermentation on the skins in the presence of indigenous yeasts.
Each wine is born by pressing with precise choices of blending and maceration to avoid any intervention of invasive wine technology, without blends without preservatives and without the use of sulfur dioxide in any phase of vinification, for the maximum expression of the grapes and of the vintage.
The work in the cellar is constantly evolving in order to respect the environment with insulation and energy saving works, reducing every impact of our activity on the ecosystem.
The health of us who drink is the goal of every action in the cellar to amaze our senses without artifice.

step by step beyond the ORGANIC:
the daily care of our heaven with our feet on the ground

Controllo e certificazione ICEA
Istituto Certificazione Etica e Ambientale

Environmental objectives 2019: energy autonomy of the cellar with photovoltaic system,
electric car, reforestation with essences with high absorption of pollutants.

In the few years of the industrial era, mankind has changed the quality of air, temperatures and climatic dynamics with behaviors based only on ease, often in vain, in the present. So it will destroy the vital reserves that created it, just read the scenarios of an impartial body like the International Energy Agency (IEA), just look at the sky and notice the sequences of extreme events in continuous growth.
The present asks us to rethink every behavior and adapt every choice to breathe the future and let our children breathe.
No day can wait for no useless excuse, no blind politics, no luxurious and useless distraction.
To us, to all of us every day the mission, without forgetting that every caress to nature is a hymn to the future.
Every distraction is a fault. The limit is on sight.