Diary 2022 - Azienda Agricola Ca' de Noci
Dal 1993 l’agricoltura biologica certificata è l’unico metodo di coltivazione di Cà de noci. La vigna è l’essenza della qualità. Coltiviamo 5 ettari di vigneti
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Diary 2022

The rains in May were the last; then 3 months of unrelenting drought as in 2021 passed until the harvest. After these months of drought dry rivers, the grapes were burning. Our Earth and her climate are asking for more and more help!
The cracks in the earth have torn out the youngest roots. The sky brought only thirst every day… and this year too we lost more than 1000 plants of the 3000 in the new vineyards.
On August 18, the rain saved the vintage with 60 mm of rain. A salvation for the bunches that were withering. We waited several days after the rains for the evolution of the bunches to arrive at a new balance in a situation that seemed hopeless.
Like 2021, also this year a 20% drop in production and we are unable to produce the classic method and Aresco.

“We ask you for a wine reservation well in advance to try to accommodate everyone’s requests.”

The harvest
Multi-step manual harvest is always essential for the selection of the best bunches
for each wine. The oldest vines between 30 to 50 years, had the best balanced maturation and were the column of the vintage.
During the harvest the bunches were very healthy and with a perfect balance between acidity and sugar.
A new balance because it arrived with the August rain after the great drought.
With this great fruit it was possible to macerate the Sgavetta and Spergola grapes for a long time to produce the red Kyathos and the white Kyathos in terracotta jars. Ideal vintage for long macerations.
Here beside: the harvest of the Spergola grape!!



A vintage in which the winery need great responsibility to give the best care for the respect of great grapes. The Lambrusco grapes in particular had a long and gradual maturation for a strong structure and a complete aromatic expression.
The spontaneous fermentations without added sulfur completed the complexity of the wines, which are rich in structure and with a rare harmony.

“2022 healthy and extremely balanced bunches gave intensity and persistence”